Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hi, my name is Perie Wolford and I am a produced screenwriter and published author. I started writing 10 years ago and I am still pursueing success. In this blog I will be trying to describe my own experience trying to break out and see if I'm gonna be able to do so :)) It might be hard, extra hard even but I still believe that nothing is impossible.

<<< This is me :)

The topics that I'm gonna cover in the nearest future:

- Writing tips
- Screenwriting tips
- How to survive rejections
- Benefits of being a screenwriter slash author
- How to act professional when signing your 1st movie\book deal
- What to expect from your 1st movie\book deal
- How to create a nice book cover yourself
- How to create a book trailer yourself
- How to use Goodreads to gain interest for your book
- What the book promotion is all about these days
- How to deal with your family\friends not believing in you
- How to let go of an unsuccesful project

and many other so stay tuned!

I hope you'll enjoy reading my blog.


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